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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride Right-O, time to write a review I suppose.

First, a bit of backstory. A friend recommended this to me a while ago. I recently (as in, two days ago) came across it in my local library. Deciding that it was time to pick it up (and that I needed a break from Russian classics, woo), I checked it out.

"Necromancer" is about a young adult's--Sam, short for Samhain (I can't stop hitting my head on this desk, oh no)--romp into the supernatural with nothing to accompany him save for a pile of secrets, his best friend, a head, and...uh, an employee who is described as awkward and simply useless. It makes my wonder at his existence in the story; he couldn't be a foil because he isn't expounded on enough...

Anyways, during his adventure into the unknown, Sam comes across a young werewolf-fae woman (our werewolves are different~), who almost immediately takes a shine to him. She ends up being trapped with him, and, in the span of time that it takes for her to get antsy, she's already ready to jump his bones if it means she'll be able to be calm. Which is a bit sudden, if I do say so myself.

There's a Big Bad, but moments involving him come across as flat because he's simply a Bad Guy. He has a past, but it's all about how he's Bad (capital "B" because it's very obvious that the villain can't also double as a tragic anti-hero, right) and that's it. It was a sad time for me, mostly because his personality intrigued me, and by just "killing him off", I'm left wanting.

[spoiler] It's very obvious that he isn't dead, simply "waiting for the right moment to get vengeance" or whatever that is. It felt as though such an important event should be at least a bit of surprise, but this--like other important events in this book--just didn't happen. [/spoiler]

The music references and snappy comebacks reeked of teen rebellion, and that kept me going through the book. It didn't lag at all, which gave me hope. However, parts that should've been more detailed were also rushed through, which effectively squashed my hope.

I suppose it's a nice read for those that don't quite enjoy reading all that much?